Contract distillation offer: Save resources now

Send us your contaminated solvent Get back purest distillate

Full Control via APP

All important information can be accessed live at any time via the provided APP and the flexible dashboard.

Data Protection and Safety

With state-of-the-art encryption technology, all data is safe and secure.


Our intelligent software regulates the system autonomously. Interventions are only required in extraordinary situations.
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Data and Graphics

All requested data are captured, saved and analysed. How much CO2 have you already been saving this week?

Flexible Dashboard

We design the dashboard according to the customer's wishes and requirements. This gives you all the relevant information at any time - live!

Full Digitalisation

Our systems can be managed completely and remotely 24/7 via sensor technology and software. Early warning systems can detect and control possible malfunctions at an early stage.







Full access, anywhere and anytime

Our software is easy to use, both mobile and desktop.

We develop your individual dashboard hand in hand with you, so that you can access all important data from anywhere and at any time. Of course, you can start immediately with one of our preset templates, no programming is required.

Mobile Use

Use any device, smartphone, tablet & computer, to open your data and visualisations

Global Monitoring

With well-structured monitoring systems, we have a 24/7 control of the operating conditions of your unit.
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