Contract distillation offer: Save resources now

Send us your contaminated solvent Get back purest distillate

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To guarantee maximum flexibility for you, we offer distillation at different conditions. Therefore, we can offer you an optimal solution for every situation.
Our innovative remote service model allows you to participate directly and without investment in the comprehensive benefits of recycling. The system is set up at your site free of charge and remotely controlled by us.

You only have small quantities of contaminated material? Not a problem: send it to us on short notice and we will send the clean distillate directly back to you.

Contract models

Our remote service means you have no investment at all. 
Contract distillation and leasing are well known.

Contract distillation

Contract distillation

For low volumes between 3 - 10 t per month

  • Delivery of your contaminated solvent
  • Distillation at our site
  • Short term and flexible
  • Billing per liter of contaminated solvent
  • Gentle recovery of the solvent resource
  • Return of high quality distillate
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Remote service

Remote service

For high volumes from 10 t per month

  • Distillation as a service
  • System provided free of charge at your site
  • Distillation at your site
  • Remote control by Ch.Batsch Verfahrenstechnik
  • Support 24/7 by digital AI-supported monitoring and control
  • Minimum term 1 year
  • Payment per liter of contaminated solvent
  • Maintanance included
  • Extensive process documentation
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