Contract distillation offer: Save resources now

Send us your contaminated solvent Get back purest distillate

Solvent Recovery

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Your start into Circular Economy:
efficient and profitable

A challenge you can enjoy: save money from day one with our service model, and on top of that, we do the work for you.

Lower CO2 emissions

Reduce CO2 emissions up to 95%


Become independent from supply chains and rising prices, uncomplicated and without costs


Our solution from over 30 years of experience in research and development of solvent distillation systems: The SLD.
Patented and Made in Germany

Leader in the market

State of the art proprietary technology

We are leaders with our distillate quality and highest output

Remote Distillation

You have our system in-house, we control the entire process remotely. This is unique.

Earn and reduce CO2

You can look forward to it from day one: lower costs and a lower carbon footprint

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